Leather Aprons For Butchers And Meat Sellers

2212.l Classic Leather Apron 2
£130.00 Inc. Vat incl. VAT
(£108.33 excl. VAT)
Stalwart Crafts 2275 Xl Apron 6
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Stalwart Crafts Leather Aprons 2
£149.99 Inc. Vat incl. VAT
(£124.99 excl. VAT)
2276.l Xl Backstrap Apron (5)
£175.00 Inc. Vat incl. VAT
(£145.83 excl. VAT)

Serving Your Meat In Style

• Standard apron weighs only 700 grams •
• Molds to the shape of your body •
• Protective coating against stains •
• Clean with a damp cloth, no washing costs •
• Looks better and better with each wear •

A new type of leather which is specially made for butchers

Through collaboration with our tannery and multiple butchers, we have designed a great leather apron for butchers. Not only should your produce look appealing, the server behind the counter is just as important. These leather aprons will look clean, smart and professional wear after wear.

Hygienic and Protective

Nothing is more important when working with meat than ensuring your work environment is sterile. Our leather is coated with an extra layer, making them very easy to clean time after time by simply wiping them down and using an anti-bacterial spray. Leather is an extremely durable material that will form like an extra skin around your body. This ensures your apron will protect you from any knife blunders.

Lightweight and Flexible

Through experimenting, we have managed to find a type of leather that is light and comfortable to wear all day. Because of its treatment the leather is very flexible, so you’ll have no problems bending over or feeling obstructed in your work. It’s like wearing a normal cotton apron but with a bit more body.

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Saving money

The initial cost for a leather apron might be higher than regular aprons, but over time they will save you a lot of money. A standard cotton apron gets dirty and needs to be washed every day. Washing your staff aprons can be a serious overhead, but it doesn’t need to be. Our aprons are protected with an extra layer of coating, making them spot clean wear after wear by just wiping them clean with a cloth, and our leather cleaner spray.

How many do I need?

When using cotton aprons you will need at least 4 aprons per staff member which is already the cost of 1 stalwart leather apron. Kit out your staff members with one or two leather aprons and you’ll be sorted for the next couple of years! Durable and hard-wearing, it will be easy for staff members to take care of it, and they will wear it with pride.

Replacing the aprons

Due to the frequent washing of the cotton aprons, colours and branding will fade, and the apron will wear out pretty soon after purchasing. Stalwart leather aprons will only look better wear after wear as the leather will mould to the shape of the body, plus the leather will look more authentic and exude more character the longer you wear it. Even the branding on our leather aprons when using our customise service will always look sharp and clear.

We asked several butchers, how much money they spend on regular aprons and their maintenance, cleaning and replacements. Based on 10 staff members, we calculated you can save £ 3630 per year by switching to leather aprons!

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